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Hitachi Transport System

Promoting Diversity


As globalization continues to advance, we employ employees from varying background in order to keep growing the company. This includes the effective employment of women, people with disabilities, foreign nationals, senior citizens, part-time and temporary workers, and so on, with a view to making them an indispensable part of our business.

In 2012, we established a Diversity Promotion Center with the aim of "respecting differences between individuals and allowing all to reach their potential in the workplace".

In recognition of our achievement thus far, Hitachi Transport System was nominated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of the nation's "Diversity Management Select 100" in 2015. Furthermore, since 2010 we have been certified as a company that supports child-rearing by the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare under the "Kurumin Mark" next-generation certification program.

From this stage forward, we will continue to leverage our diversified strengths, to provide logistics services that meet the needs of our customers and, at the same time, to contribute to the prosperity of society as a whole.

Diversity Management Select 100 Kurumin Mark