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Hitachi Transport System



With Our Shareholders and Investors

With Our Shareholders and Investors

Through information disclosed by a variety of channels to our shareholders and investors, we facilitate two-way communication. We work hard to provide information useful to our shareholders and investors from their unique perspectives.

With Our Customers

With Our Customers

Our aim is to build trust and satisfaction with all of our customers, and we strive to do this by constantly delivering services that meet or surpass their expectations.

With Our Employees

With Our Employees

At the Hitachi Transport System Group, we aim to support a diverse group of people to truly shine.

Promoting Diversity

In 2012, we established a Diversity Promotion Center in response to factors such as labor shortages due to Japan's aging population and declining birth rate, as well as the globalization of the market. Through the Center, we strive to employ a wide range of personnel and to create a diversified corporate culture. This includes more effective employment of women, persons with disabilities, foreign nationals, senior citizens, and so on.

Human Rights Training

As the process of globalization continues, it has become critically important to pay attention to human rights. We aim to further deepen awareness of human rights through training that helps us to understand diverse values and different cultures.

Human Resources Training & Education

In order to compete and respond flexibly on a global scale, we train and develop our staff to allow them to deliver both domestically and overseas.

Health Management

Ensuring that our employees are healthy and able to work safely is vital for the company. To that end, we have developed a variety of measures to help each employee maintain or boost their health management levels.

With Local Communities

With Local Communities

The Hitachi Transport System Group sets the objectives of its Social Contribution Activities based on its corporate philosophy. We implement a wide variety of Social Contribution Activities, with the aim of being a model corporate citizen both at home and abroad.

Hitachi Transport System Magokoro Fund Program

At the HTS Group, our employees participate in a social action program called the "Magokoro" (Sincere Heart) Program, where our employees and executives can make charitable donations of 100yen /month which are matched by the company. Applicable fields of activity: Traffic Safety /Accident Prevention, Environmental Conservation/Environmental Regeneration, and Community Support/Social Welfare.

Regional Safety

To protect the lives of young children from traffic accidents, and to convey the importance of life itself, we implement Traffic Safety Workshops for local elementary school students at our facility in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture.

Social Contribution through Sport

Hitachi Transport System Futsal Tournament

Once a year, at our futsal pitch at the logistics center in Chiba Prefecture, we hold the HTS futsal tournament for local elementary school students.

Athletics Programs

The HTS Group athletics club participates in the athletics programs run by the board of education in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture.

Community Cleanup Projects

At offices and distribution centers across the country, clean-up activities are carried out on a regular basis. In addition, we also actively participate in clean-up activities run by local governments and other organizations.

Other Activities

We are also engaged in other company-wide activities both at home and abroad, such as work experience placements and blood donation drives.

Other Activities
Other Activities