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Hitachi Transport System

With Our Shareholders and Investors

With Our Shareholders and Investors

In order to ensure sustainable growth and boost corporate value over the medium-to-long term, we recognize the importance of fair and highly transparent information disclosure in a timely and appropriate manner as well as active dialog with our shareholders and investors. To this end, we have in place an IR system to facilitate communication with both our shareholders and investors.

HTS compiles an IR report detailing information disclosure criteria and methodology, dialog with our shareholders and investors, etc.,

Information Disclosure

HTS discloses information pertaining to operations, finances, and publications including our summary of financial results, presentation materials of financial results, annual securities reports, notice of convocation of the annual general meeting of shareholders, business reports, and Integrated reports.

In FY2020, we posted the minutes of small-scale meetings on our Investor Relations website, added pages on dividend payout ratio, TSR (Total Shareholder Return), changes in share price, etc., and added a print button and a text size enlargement/reduction function to improve the user interface. Through those and other measures, we worked to proactively disclose information and improve usability.

Reference Information

Holding Annual General Shareholders' Meeting

To encourage attendance of as many shareholders as possible, in principle we avoid the dates when most other Japanese companies hold their meetings. In order to facilitate smooth exercise of voting rights, HTS offers electromagnetic means which allows shareholders to exercise their rights using PCs and smartphones, uses the electronic voting platform for institutional investors, and post English translation of the notice of convocation and voting results of the annual general meeting of shareholders on our website.

Basic Shareholder Return Policy

Our basic policy of dividends is to seek to maintain stable distribution linked to business performance, while considering medium-to-long-term business expansion and securing internal reserves to strengthen corporate structure, and we continue to pay dividends with a TSR of 20% or more in mind.


We provide information of Dividend.

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

HTS communicates with our shareholders and investors through a variety of means, including briefings for securities analysts and institutional investors, telephone conferences, small-scale meetings, overseas road shows, individual meetings, and more.

In FY2020, in light of the spread of COVID-19, we held an individual meeting, financial results briefing, and small-scale meeting with investors including shareholders online. We also participated in the IR seminar for individual investors held in Osaka by taking thorough measures against infectious diseases. In addition, we strived to promote dialogue with shareholders and investors and improved information disclosure through interviews with SR (shareholder Relations) and posting of Q&As at the small-scale meeting on our IR site.

FY2020 initiatives

Activity contentsResults
Results briefings4 times
Small-scale meetings3 times
Individual meetings by executives (including overseas investors and ESG investment interviews)17 times
IR seminars for individual investorsOnce
Individual meetings, etc.
Financial results briefing (online)

Financial results briefing (online)

Individual meeting (Online)

Individual meeting (online)

IR seminars for individual investors

IR seminars for individual investors