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Hitachi Transport System

With Our Employees

With Our Employees

At the HTS Group, we aim to support a diverse group of people to truly shine.

Respect for Human Rights

In order to recognize diverse values and different cultures and deepen mutual understanding as the globalization of business activities progresses, we have used "HTS Group Code of Conduct" as a manual, which includes "Respect for human rights" in the basic code of conduct.
We have been deepening our understanding of respect for human rights by conducting employee training through e-learning, and training by rank for new employees, experienced workers, and for new assistant managers and new managers.

Promoting Diversity

For the HTS Group, diversity means that employees of different gender, nationality, generation, skill, and career, having various attributes, individuality and values can fully demonstrate their potential and create new ideas and businesses using their diversified ways of thinking. In 2012, we established the "Diversity Promotion Center" with the aim of creating a pleasant workplace where various human resources of the entire Group can play an active role.

Training Upcoming Generations of Employees

The HTS Group has established the "HTS Group College" as an educational system for all of our employees, designed to draw out the strengths of each individual through practical and specialized training courses.
In addition to training by rank, on-site operations, and manager-level training, we also institute general training for all employees to enhance their basic skills and encourage communication.
Furthermore, we have developed training systems including our "Managerial Personnel Training", which serves to train the next generation of managers, and our 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Professional Course, which works with backbone employees on 3PL projects. These personnel development programs are implemented to continuously solidify our business base.

3PL professional course

3PL Professional Course

We plan and manage various types of training for employees to acquire the specialized skills required for specific occupations and business units in the HTS Group.
We determine training themes and curriculum considering business needs to provide the best training.
In addition to sharing knowledge about new technologies that support logistics, experienced in-house instructors pass on systematic know-how.
The course aims at teaching knowledge readily applicable to practical situations by conducting group discussions among participants using knowledge and analytical methods learned.

Overseas training program

Overseas Training Program

Overseas training program has been in place since 1989 with the aim of providing young employees with opportunities to gain overseas experience and of fostering global human resources.
For the HTS Group, whose corporate vision is to become "the most preferred global supply chain solutions provider," it is critical to foster human resources with global thinking and high expertise who can contribute to our business across different cultures and values.

Trainees who have completed one-year training are required to report in English on issues they faced regarding the theme they addressed, the improvement recommendations implemented and the result, proposals to the Company based on their local experience, and their future action plan. Trainees also exchange their opinions each other. The number of countries and regions to which young employees were sent under the overseas training program in the last five years reached approx. 20.

Destination of young employees in the overseas training program (Total: from 2015 to 2019)Approx. 20 countries/regions

Self-development system

As the expected roles of employees are diversifying, we support independent career development.
We have been promoting the implementation of career design training as a support program for activating communication between superiors and subordinates, with the aim of instilling career design in each workplace.
In addition, as one support environment, we have offered about 100 correspondence courses to provide an environment where employees can acquire the universal skills required in each workplace in real time.

Internships ("Experience the Workplace" programs)

The HTS Group provides college students with opportunities to learn about the logistics sector as social infrastructure and the HTS Group's businesses through internship programs sponsored by logistics industry groups, overseas internship and workplace experience in the frontline of data science and other various workplaces.
We are making efforts to give diverse students, irrespective of gender and nationality, a better understanding of the HTS Group's business.

Education expenses
per employee (FY2019)

Education expenses
per employee (full-time employee)
32,559 yen

Scope: HTS, domestic group companies

Promotion of Creating a Workplace Where Employees Can Work in Good Health with a Sense of Security with Motivation.

In order for the company to continue to grow, we believe that it is of the utmost importance for employees to always "continue to work in good health with a sense of security with motivation."
Regarding "good health and sense of security," we are promoting health support in collaboration with occupational health staff such as industrial physicians in order to improve the physical and mental health level of each and every employee of the entire Group. Regular health checkups incorporate risk screening for lifestyle-related diseases and cancer, leading to early detection and treatment. In addition, we have set up a consultation desk by an specialized external agency to provide mental and physical health consultations and second opinion referrals from employees and their families.
Regarding "cultivating motivation," we are working on "VC21 activities (Value Change & Creation 2021)" with the aim of "creating a workplace full of smiles and vitality."

Promotion of working-style reform

We will promote the creation of a workplace where everyone can work with peace of mind, and by individual employees working as actively as they can, we will improve the productivity and corporate value of the entire organization.
We strive to constantly change work styles, such as labor saving at work sites, paperless office work, and teleworking, and carry out continuous improvement activities that incorporate the voices of employees.

Initiative of specific working style reform

To reduce overtime hours, we are encouraging employees and managers to change their mindsets by managing objective records such as computer log management and biometric authentication, and are also actively promoting the acquisition of annual paid leave.
In addition, we are promoting efficient progress of work through business reforms such as on-site digitization utilizing robot development. Labor-saving equipment such as automated guided vehicles and automated forklifts are being installed in the logistics centers gradually. During truck transportation, SSCV (Smart & Safety Connected Vehicle) that utilizes IoT captures the operational status in real time, which helps protect the driver from accidents.

Overtime hours/rate of paid leave taken

Overtime hours (hours/months)
Number of paid leave taken (days)17.418.518.5
Rate of paid leave taken72.5%78%77.3%

Scope: HTS(full-time employees)

Improvement of the workplace environment of logistics centers and sales offices nationwide

We are installing a ventilating and air conditioning system in logistics centers and sales offices across the country. In addition, we install the wireless LAN system in staff lounges and improved powder room interior to create a comfortable and employee-friendly working environment.

Creating a workplace full of smiles and vibrance(VC21 activities: Value Change & Creation 2021)

As daily improvement activities to put the HB Way into practice, we have been working on "VC21 activities" with the aim of "continuing the growth of the company" and "employees working with motivation." We continue improvement activities in a cycle in which employees come up with ideas on various themes at each business site or department and systematically implement improvements.

VC21 Activities

By "visualization of improvement activities" and "cultivation of the culture of praise ," such as sharing the improvement efforts of each business establishment widely within the Company and holding regular presentations to commend good practices, we are trying to establish a culture of improvement. Based on deep human-centered dialogue, we are strengthening our organizational and operational capabilities by advancing our work in a cycle of learning while having fun, creating ideas, and implementing improvements.
The accumulation of these "VC21 activities" is the source of the foundation and value creation that supports our business model as an improvement culture.

Promotion of logistics OPEX dialogue

Logistics OPEX

The HTS Group creates a people-oriented workplace where employees stay and get together through communication full of smiles and vibrance.
We design a community "Logistics OPEX: Operational Excellence" where employees enjoy repeating learning and improvement through deep discussion for managers and workers to discuss and appreciate their experiences and ideas side by side and create a workplace full of smiles and vibrance.

Some of the employees who participated in the community said, "Now I can talk to my boss easily," "I think my workplace has become cheerful" and "I got the hang of my work."
Currently, we are promoting activities to develop human resources who utilize Logistics OPEX in each site to further spread it within the Company.

Number of OPEX designers developed
(FY2019 cumulative)

Scope:HTS, Domestic group companies

Dialogue cafe

Dialogue cafe

We started a dialogue session with the aim of "practicing communication that transcends the boundaries of the office organization" since FY2019. In FY2019, a total of 129 people, including executives, participated in June and 169 in November.
Participants have praised the event, saying, "I feel that the distance from executives has diminished," and we will continue to hold the event in the future.

Workshop for generating ideas

We regularly hold workshop for generating improvement ideas by directly hearing the voices of employees working on-site.

Improvement education

We provide various improvement education based on the self-developed "Improvement Handbook".
We are making various efforts such as preparing this in comic book format so that employees can learn enjoyably.

Introduction of RPA system

We have introduced an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) system and are working to improve productivity through digitization.

Holding of Good VC Award

VC Award

In FY2019, we held the "VC Award" as a trial to share good practices in "VC21 activities" and commended good practices.

Appendix: New improvement initiatives in FY2019

The number of improvement initiatives of the entire HTS Group proposed in FY2019 reached approximately 10,000.

No. of new improvement initiatives

Balancing work and childrearing/nursing care

Employees Data

The following is the data including Diversity and Job creation, Work-life balance and so on.

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