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Objectives of Social Contribution Activities

Objectives of Social Contribution Activities

Our corporate philosophy is to deliver high-quality services that will help make the world a better place for people and nature for generations to come. To achieve this goal, we are committed to providing logistics infrastructure and services that are essential for the improvement of industries and people's lifestyles, through our businesses.
The HTS Group is working on social contribution activities in the same way we conduct our business to establish the foundation of an affluent, sustainable society, and to resolutely cope with social challenges in close coordination with our stakeholders, placing an emphasis on the following five subjects:

Five subjects of our Social Contribution Activities

Five subjects

Traffic and Road Safety
Ensuring pedestrian and driver safety

We aim to realize safe and secure roads from the standpoint of a logistics service provider. For the realization of the zero-traffic-accident society, we continuously help provide traffic and road safety classes that lead to a better understanding of the importance of following pedestrians' and drivers' rules and etiquette.

Training a New Generation of People
Paving the way for the future of the next generation

We provide training opportunities for a new generation of people who will take on the future, we also contribute to the creation of a social foundation enabling diversified human resources to fully demonstrate their abilities. We offer workplace experiences and other learning programs to achieve greater recognition of the logistics industry's role in society.

Making people's lifestyles better

We support a diverse range of research projects and initiatives in the fields of information science and technology and logistics, so as to create new innovations that are fundamental to future society and sustainable lifestyles and industries.

Environmental Protection
Treating nature with great respect

We contribute to the building of a social environment that encourages people to become more conscious of and be collaboratively involved in conservation, so as to protect the global nature and ecosystem. We support nature conservation projects at each HTS Group site, and promote activities to raise environmental awareness.

Contribution to Local Communities
Creating affluent societies

We actively support community-based activities to help diverse people socialize with each other and lead an enriched, safe and secure life in their communities, with the cooperation of various organizations.

Our Basic Policies for Social Contribution Activities

We proceed with our social contribution activities based on five subjects; Traffic and Road Safety, Training for a New Generation of People, Innovation, Environmental Protection, and Contribution to Local Communities.  We continue to bolster our social contribution activities in cooperation with various organizations, in order to get the most out of the initiatives. We provide matching gift program and other programs to encourage our employees to be actively and voluntarily engaged in community services.  We disclose information on social contribution activities to internal and external stakeholders. We regularly review and improve our social contribution activities based on social needs and demands,  and maintain consistency between the improved and the original ones.