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Hitachi Transport System

With Local Communities

With Local Communities

The HTS Group aims to be a good corporate citizen by supporting various activities in such fields as "traffic and road safety", "training a new generation of people", "innovation", "environmental protection," and "contribution of local communities" both in Japan and overseas under the basic principle of "Objectives of Social Contribution Activities."

Traffic and Road Safety -Ensuring pedestrian and driver safety-

The HTS Group has offered traffic and road safety class to prevent our children--who are our future--from getting involved in road accidents and teach them the importance of life.

Activity of a group company in Turkey

Turkey, Traffic and Road Safety Class
Approximately 1,000 children participated

Since FY2017, Mars Logistics Group Inc., our Turkish group company, has been holding a traffic and road safety class for children. In the class, we use the rear deck of a truck as a classroom, prepare creative learning tools such as quizzes using a tablet terminal and a worksheet on which children can put stickers on so that children can develop a better understanding about road signs while having fun. We refrained from holding seminars in FY2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Donation for traffic and road safety

We have been donating to the Traffic Accident Orphans Association (public interest incorporated foundation ("Daddy Long Legs"). The Traffic Accident Orphans Association was established for the purpose of lending tuition fees to children whose parents have died or suffered a severe disability due to a traffic accident and who have difficulty as a result in studying financially, in attempting to equalize educational opportunities and develop human resources that are of use to society.

Training a New Generation of People -Paving the way for the future of the next generation-

Experience the workplace programs and taking on internships/providing donation course

Logistics center tour, Hitachi Collabonext Transport System Co., Ltd.
Taking on Internships Hitachi Collabonext Transport System, Ltd.

In order to deepen the understanding of the logistics industry among young people who will be upcoming generation, we accept work experiences and internships in Japan and overseas, and provide donation courses for university students.

Human resource development through events

U.S.: Cooperation in SCRCAC* Science Day

The HTS Group cooperates in "Hitachi Celebrates Science Day," an event with the purpose of getting local children who need economic support interested in science and mathematics.The event was canceled in FY2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

[Companies implementing in FY2019]

  • Vantec Hitachi Transport System (USA), Inc.
  • James J. Boyle & Co.

* SCRCAC: Southern California Regional Community Action Committee
A social contribution committee consisting of Hitachi Group companies in North America. The HTS Group participates as a logistics partner.

Turkey: Hosting logistics contest

Turkey: Hosting logistics contest
Held in September 2019

In cooperation with Logistics Association, we hold the "Logistics Case Study Competition" targeting university and professional school students.
This event has been held since 2003 in order to gain the attention of students to the logistics industry, and approximately 700 students participated online in FY2020.

Domestic: Donation course for university students

We send instructors to lectures for university students conducted by the Japan Association for Logistics and Transport for the purpose of developing human resources for logistics.

In FY2020, under the theme of "Functions and Management of Logistics Companies," we provided lectures online centering on presenting an explanation of our main business, 3PL, to 185 university students from Yokohama National University. The lectures were an opportunity to encourage the younger generation entering the workforce to understand and be interested in logistics by introducing the latest efforts of logistics companies, which cannot be learned from textbooks alone, and to ask for frank opinions.

Participants commented, "I deepened my understanding as to both the merits and risks of the 3PL business" and "I would like to consider methods for utilizing and popularizing logistics services product development."

Domestic : Conference in elementary school

Conference in elementary school
Lecture at Nawa Elementary School, Isesaki City (November 2019)

Mr. Suwa, a coach of the HTS Track and Field Club is cooperating as an educational ambassador in efforts to encourage children, who will inherit the way into the future in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture, his birthplace, to seek out dreams and hopes and move forward with vigor.

Sports initiatives

HTS contributes to regional vitalization and cooperates with sound development of young people through sports.

HTS futsal tournament

Futsal Tournament, Noda
Held in February 2020

HTS has held its annual Futsal Tournament at the futsal field located next to the logistics center at Noda City, Chiba Prefecture since FY2006.We refrained from holding the Tournament in FY2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Donations in the filed of training a new generation of people

We contribute to the creation of a social infrastructure in which diverse human resources can play an active role by providing donation support to organizations that conduct activities for the sound growth of children and to universities that focus on fostering human resources for the next generation of mobility research.

Main Donations (FY2020) Save the Children Japan
Global Research Institute for Mobility in Society, Institutes of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya University

Innovation -Making people's lifestyles better-

Donation for research institute

We will contribute to the creation of a foundation for new innovations in order to realize sustainable lifestyles and industries. In particular, we will support research and initiatives to support a future society centered on logistics, including next-generation transportation systems based on automated driving and comprehensive mobility design.

Main Donations (FY2020) Advanced Mobility Research Center (ITS Center) in Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo

Environment at Protection -Treating nature with great respect-

Initiatives for environmental protection

We participate in tree-planting projects for the environmental protection. We refrained from holding projects in FY2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Environmental protection


Community cleanup projects

At offices and distribution centers in Japan and abroad, clean-up activities are carried out on a regular basis. Activities were held in FY2020 while taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Cleanup projects

Hitachi Transport System West Japan Co., Ltd.

Participation in the "Furugi de Vaccine" initiative

Furugi de Vaccine

We are participating in the "Furugi de Vaccine" initiative, in which vaccines are donated when unwanted used clothes are collected and sent to developing countries. The "Furugi de Vaccine" initiative is run by the Japan Committee of Vaccines for the World's Children (an Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation) and other organizations as the main organizers. The aim is to reuse used clothes sent from Japan to developing countries and create employment. In addition, for every 25 kilograms of used clothing, five polio vaccines are donated to children in developing countries. The HTS Group has been participating in this project since FY2020.

Donations to the field of environmental protection

We contribute to activities to protect nature and ecosystems on the Earth by supporting donations to organizations that are working to overcome diverse environmental problems.

Main Donations (FY2020) Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (public interest incorporated foundation)
World Wide Fund for Nature Japan (public interest incorporated foundation)
The Organization for Industrial Spiritual and Cultural Advancement-International (public interest incorporated foundation)

Contribution to Local Communities -Creating affluent societies-

Activities through internal volunteer organization

Employees conduct activities of donating foodstuffs and toys to local communities. We refrained from conducting activities in FY2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

[Companies implementing in FY2019]

  • Vantec Hitachi Transport System (USA), Inc.
  • James J. Boyle & Co. (U.S.)

Czech: Activities through an employee charity fund

ESA s.r.o.,in our Czech group company, we donate to those who need economic assistance regularly through the charity fund established by volunteer employees. The company continues support activities with employees by contributing twice the amount of employee donation.

Contribute to disaster recovery assistance

We provide disaster support to the affected areas.In addition, in the event of a disaster in individual regions, we contribute donations for the purpose of regional support.

Cooperation for blood drives

We cooperate in blood drives in Japan and overseas.

[Companies implementing in FY2020]
Hitachi Transport System, Ltd/Hitachi Transport System East Japan Co., Ltd./Hitachi Transport System Central Japan Co., Ltd./Hitachi Transport System Kyushu Co., Ltd./VANTEC HTS FORWARDING, LTD./Hitachi Finenext Transport System Co., Ltd./Hitachi Auto Service Co., Ltd./Hitachi Transport System East Japan Distribution Services Co., Ltd./PALENET CO., LTD./VANTEC CORPORATION/ESA s.r.o. (Czech) (Slovakia)/Hitachi Transport System (China), Ltd./VANTEC AMATA LOGISTICS (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

Participation in "Hana Kaido" (Flower Road)

Hana Kaido(Flower Road)

In support of the objective of "making Tokyo a city with an attractive landscape full of flowers and greenery," we are participating in "Hana Kaido" (Flower Road) together with federations and companies in Tokyo's Chuo Ward, where the HTS head office is located. We also participate in Clean Walk, a beautification activity from the perspective of environmental protection, and make social contributions rooted in the community.

Donations in the filed of contribution to local community

We actively support community-based activities through collaboration with various organizations so that diverse people in the community can build a richer, safer, and more secure community while maintaining ties. We also make donations related to recent infectious disease countermeasures.

Main Donations (FY2020) JAPAN PLATFORM
Japanese Red Cross Society

Overview of the HTS Group Magokoro (Sincere Heart) Fund (Matching Gift)

The HTS Group established the HTS Group Magokoro (Sincere Heart) program in 2008 in order to be helpful to society at large through activities that contribute to business and related fields. This program is a matching gift system where funds donated by our group employees and officers are matched by the Company to meet the cost for the activity, and we donate and contribute to the fields of "traffic and road safety and accident prevention," "regional social action and social welfare," and "environmental restoration and environmental protection."
This scheme provides an opportunity for employees to become more familiar with social issues and how they can contribute to solving them.

Major FY2020 activities

Traffic and road safety/accident prevention

  • 4,000 sets of reflectors for bicycles to Nagoya City Hall
Financial support
  • Traffic Accident Orphans Association (public interest incorporated foundation)

Regional social action/social welfare

  • 50 wheelchairs to 16 municipalities around the country
  • A welfare vehicle each to the Council of Social Welfare in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture and Syouseien (a social welfare corporation)
Financial support
  • Japanese Red Cross Society

Environmental restoration/environmental protection

Financial support
  • National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization (Green Fund)
  • Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA) ("Kodomo-no-Mori" Program) (public interest incorporated foundation)
Afforestation support
  • Additional one hectare of land ("HTS Magokoro Fund" forest)afforested (total of 12 hectares), in collaboration with NPO Afforestation Network
Kodomo-no-Mori, OISCA

Children in a school we support in Indonesia (OISCA "Kodomo-no-Mori" Program)

The Khorchin desert afforestation

HTS "Magokoro Fund" forest (the Khorchin Mongol region desert, China)

Social Contribution Data

Social contribution activity expenditures (FY2020)

Amount (unit: 1,000 yen)
Category Donations Expenditures Total
Traffic and road safety 6,427 540 6,967
Training a new generation of people 17,632 3,053 20,685
Innovation 5,000 58 5,058
Environmental protection 7,433 884 8,317
Contribution to local community 17,919 7,720 25,639
Disaster recovery assistance 3,000 0 3,000
Total 57,411 12,255 69,666

Scope:HTS, Domestic group, Overseas group

The following is social data including social contribution data.