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Establishing a Culture of Safety

Establishing a Culture of Safety

At the Hitachi Transport System Group, under our motto of "safety takes precedence over everything", all employees are well-grounded in our safety culture as we continuously strive to deliver safe and reliable services.

The Hitachi Transport System Group Safety Improvement Initiative Policy

Each year, under the HTS Group's common safety policy, and based on our safety motto, safety improvement initiatives are carried out.

The HTS Group Safety Day

Each year in July, as part of initiatives to prevent recurrence of accidents, we hold the HTS Group Safety Day where staff of all departments are reminded that safety comes before all else.

Safety Awareness Push in Staff Assembly

Each year in April and October, we hold a special Safety Day morning assembly where our top management delivers messages to boost safety awareness.

Safety Initiatives

Safety Initiatives

The HTS Group offers various safety education and self-improvement training opportunities. At both internal and external events, staff have the chance to acquire specialist expertise, such as driving or inspection techniques, hence raising the level of safety skills and knowledge throughout the group.

Safety Education Programs

Training for Safety Supervisors

We provide training to bolster the skills of supervisors allowing them to give pinpoint advice and guidance to other staff.

Hands-on Safety Training for Hazardous Situations

Prevention training to eliminate unsafe acts or behaviors that may lead to accidents.

Practical Training

We strive to provide high quality services by improving both the culture of safety and the necessary technology to accompany it.

Industrial Equipment Training

We hold training and education sessions in order to safely and securely transport a wide-range of equipment, from heavy railway carriages and industrial machinery to precision instruments used in medical facilities.

"G-mark" workplace safety accreditation

In order to ensure we operate a safe workplace and further improve safe-driving awareness, we are promoting the acquisition of the G-mark accreditation (certified by the Japan Trucking Association) for our facilities.

Event Participation

Staff are encouraged to take part in competitions and events in order to acquire new knowledge, as well as to hone their skills in the fields of driving, technology, machine inspection and traffic safety.

Internal Competitions

VANTEC Group Truck Driver and Forklift Driver contests

External Competitions

「National Forklift Driving Contest」
(Organized by the Land Transportation Safety and Health Association)
「National Truck Driver Contest」
(Organized by the Japan Trucking Association)

※Qualifying rounds are held by prefecture, with winners progressing to the national competition.

Transportation Safety Management

This information is disclosed under Article 2 Clause 8 of the Code for Truck Transportation Business Safety.
(Classification of relevant businesses: companies owning under 300 motor trucks for business use)

1.Basic principles regarding transport safety(FY2019)

As an important element of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), all employees at Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. and its group companies work in unison to abide by the following principles, under the initiative of our top management.

  • Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. strives to enhance the traffic control system, and ensures appropriate and functional traffic control under the guidelines stipulated by law.
  • Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. strives continuously to improve transportation safety by implementing a PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.
  • Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. thoroughly reinforces among all employees at our group companies the importance of ensuring safety through education and awareness campaigns.
  • Hitachi Transport System, Ltd works closely with its partner transportation companies to improve safety by holding regular training and safety meetings for staff of partner companies, conducting on-site safety inspection visits, running joint education programs, and distributing safety related brochures and materials.

2.Transportation safety targets and achievements(FY2018)

  • Eradication of car accidents

    1) Target

    We aim for zero car accidents, including minor accidents

    2) Achievement results

    There were zero car accidents as defined in Article 2 of the Code for Automobile Accident Report in terms of our motor truck transport business and any related operations.

  • Education for traffic accident prevention

    1) Target

    We actively conduct education to prevent traffic accidents.

    2) Achievement results

    i).At our Matsudo Training Institute, we conducted training for new drivers, middle-ranking drivers, Motor Vehicle Operation Manager.
    ii).We conducted driver aptitude tests, face-to-face interview based on test results, and practical coaching by leaders.

3.Retribution related to transport safety

In 2018 business term, we did not receive any Transport Safety Order, Business Improvement Order, Suspension of Use for automobile or any other transport equipment, or Business Suspension Order.


Number of traffic accidents defined in Article 2 of the Transportation Safety Management Regulation
(Total of HTS Group*)


FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
1 1 0

*Scope: Hitachi Transport System , Ltd., Hitachi Transport System East Japan Co., Ltd., Hitachi Transport System Kanto Co., Ltd., Hitachi Transport System Metropolitan Co., Ltd., Hitachi Transport System South Kanto Co., Ltd., Hitachi Transport System Central Japan Co., Ltd., Hitachi Transport System West Japan Co., Ltd., Hitachi Transport System Kyushu Co., Ltd., and Hitachi Transport Direx Co., Ltd. (excluding VANTEC Group)

Safety Data

The following is the data including frequency rate of workplace accidents and severity rate of workplace accidents.