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Hitachi Transport System



Procurement Policy


We follow laws and regulations related to procurement activities and we procure materials and services on appropriate quality, cost and delivery time.

Partnership Policy

At Hitachi Transport System we fully realize the value of developing trusting relationships with our valued suppliers.

Our Open-door Policy

Regardless of whether a supplier is a domestic or overseas company, we do our utmost to insure free competition.

Selection of Suppliers Policy

We evaluate and select suppliers based upon criteria such as quality, price, lead time, quality of management, technical standards and abilities.

Our Policy for Sharing Information and Maintaining Confidentiality

We are willing to offer necessary information to suppliers. At the same time, we realize that supplier's offers supply us with confidential or sensitive information. We always endeavor to maintain and keep such information strictly confidential.

Request for Promoting CSR

About Our CSR Management

What HTS Gr. Ask Our Valued Suppliers to Promote

  1. General CSR activities
    • (1) Vigorous promotion of CSR activities, and
    • (2) Contribution to society and community.

  2. CSR Activities for The Environment
    • (1) Management of hazardous chemicals in products,
    • (2) Management of hazardous chemicals used in manufacturing,
    • (3) Establishing and applying an environmental management system,
    • (4) Minimization of environmental pollution (water, soil, air),
    • (5) Obtaining permission for environment/administrative approval,
    • (6) Resource and energy saving by reusing, reducing and recycling (3R),
    • (7) Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,
    • (8) Waste reduction, and
    • (9) Disclosure of environmental preservation activities.

  3. CSR Activities for Corporate Ethics
    • (1) Prohibition of corruption, bribes, etc.,
    • (2) Prohibition of abuse of a superior bargaining position,
    • (3) Prohibition of offering or accepting inappropriate profit and advantage,
    • (4) Prohibition of impediment to free competition,
    • (5) Provision of accurate information on products and services,
    • (6) Using appropriate export procedures,
    • (7) Disclosure of appropriate company information, and
    • (8) Prompt detection of mistakes, wrongdoings and injustice.

  4. CSR Activities for Production
    • (1) Ensuring product safety, and
    • (2) Establishing and applying a quality assurance system.

  5. CSR Activities for Information Security
    • (1) Defense against threats on the computer network,
    • (2) Prevention of leakage of personal information, and
    • (3) Prevention of leakage of confidential information of customers and third-parties.

  6. CSR Activities for Occupational Health and Safety
    • (1) Applying safety measures for equipment and instruments,
    • (2) Safe activities in the workplace,
    • (3) Hygiene in the workplace,
    • (4) Applying appropriate measures for occupational injuries and illnesses,
    • (5) Emergency responses,
    • (6) Consideration to physically demanding work,
    • (7) Health and safety of facilities, and
    • (8) Employee health management.

  7. CSR Activities for Human Rights and Labor
    • (1) Prohibition of forced labor,
    • (2) Prohibition of inhuman treatment,
    • (3) Prohibition of child labor,
    • (4) Prohibition of discrimination,
    • (5) Paying appropriate wages,
    • (6) Regulating working hours, and
    • (7) Respecting rights to freedom of association.

Transaction Procedure

The basic flow of transactions between HTS and a partner is as follows:

The basic flow

For individual transactions, in accordance with internal rules, procurement department or a person appointed in accordance with internal rules will place an order by issuing a purchase order (PO) or an equivalent document with evidence. (Personal arrangements are prohibited as internal rules since no evidence remains.)

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Before submitting your inquiry, it is necessary for you to read our Privacy Policy and consent to its contents. If you agree to its contents, please contact us through this inquiry channel. Note that any personal information obtained will be deleted once your inquiry has been answered, and we will not hold it on file after that.

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