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Hitachi Transport System

CSR Management


Full Compliance

In recent years, there is a strong demand from both the market and society itself for companies to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and also uphold high ethical standards. At the Hitachi Transport System Group, we strive to develop and strengthen our compliance system, working to ensure that compliance is upheld and to foster a "high corporate culture of ethics"; one that is committed to sound and appropriate corporate activities, with the aim of being a company that is trusted by its customers.

Compliance Promotion System

At the HTS group, we have an appointed compliance officer (CCO) who oversees the compliance activities and initiatives of the entire group. In addition, the sales operations department, domestic group companies and overseas regional headquarters, all have an appointed compliance supervisor in place as we work to develop and strengthen the compliance system. In regards to the status of compliance within the group, the Compliance Officer has to make regular reports to the Auditing Committee as well as to the President and CEO.

Internal Whistle-blowing System

In order to help prevent illegal actions and/or inappropriate actions, and in order to detect and rectify any problems quickly, we have established an internal whistleblowing and consultation system. This system is available to all workers at the HTS Group, including directors, full-time staff, part-timers and temporary workers at both the Company itself and all of its group companies. The HTS Group protects the personal information of the caller, and ensures confidentiality of the report, as well as prohibiting any disadvantageous treatment related to the issue, in order to protect whistleblowers.