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Hitachi Transport System


In order to ensure management in compliance with laws and regulations, the HTS Group has put in place a system to clarify compliance functions and set a compliance basic policy to be observed by all officers and employees, to ensure thorough compliance with laws and regulations, company rules, and corporate ethics. We have also established "HTS Group Code of Conduct" defining how all officers and employees should act in their daily operations as it is vital for the entire group not only to comply with laws but also to act in accordance with corporate ethics in order to meet trust and expectations of the society.
Furthermore, we ensure thorough compliance to foster a corporate culture that values corporate ethics and compliance by actively providing compliance trainings and awareness projects, including e-learning, companywide group seminars and compliance meetings.

Compliance Promotion System

At the HTS group, we have an appointed compliance officer (CCO) who oversees the compliance activities and initiatives of the entire group. In addition, the sales operations department, domestic group companies and overseas regional headquarters, all have an appointed compliance supervisor in place as we work to develop and strengthen the compliance system. In regards to the status of compliance within the group, the Compliance Officer has to make regular reports to the Auditing Committee as well as to the President and CEO.

Compliance promotion structure

Compliance Promotion Structure

Compliance meeting

We hold Compliance Meetings for the purpose of information sharing and opinion exchanges relating to compliance targeting persons in charge of compliance in Group companies, for familiarization with compliance-related measures and thorough prevention of scandals. (domestic: 2 times/year, overseas: once overall, once in area unit)

Initiatives to Enhance Compliance Base

HTS Group compliance reference card

HTS Group compliance reference card HTS Group compliance reference card・19 languages

Since 2016, we have been distributing the HTS Group compliance reference card to all officers and employees of the HTS Group to promote awareness of "HTS Group Code of Conduct."
It contains a summary of the code of conduct, flowcharts to be used as a reference in difficult situations regarding compliance, and other things that will help officers and employees to take appropriate actions.
In 2018, the contents of the card were carefully selected and revised to be simpler, and easier to read and understand. The card is translated into 19 languages and distributed to all of overseas officers and employees.

Compliance education

In addition to e-learning for all employees including officers, we provide rank-based group trainings for compliance education targeting new employees, young employees, new assistant managers/managers, new directors of domestic group companies. The Legal Department also implements training sessions travelling around sites.

Number of attendees of compliance education excluding e-learning (FY2019)555

HTS Group Codes of Conduct Month

Since 2019, October of each year has been determined to be "HTS Group Codes of Conduct Month" and we have been striving for thoroughgoing compliance with laws and regulations, and establishment of corporate ethics from the example of the leadership of the Top.


  • Dissemination of Top Message
  • Familiarization through in-house newsletters
  • Dissemination of message from the Top in the four overseas regions, each area headquarters and Group companies in domestic
  • Case study of compliance in general
  • Acquisition of written pledge relating to the observance of codes of conduct from all persons in management posts in the HTS Group

Whistle-blowing system

The Group has established an whistle-blowing system with internal and external points of contact for reporting, which allows employees to report illegal and/or inappropriate actions with a sense of security in order to detect and correct them early on.
This system is available to all workers at the HTS Group, including directors, full-time staff, part-timers and temporary workers at both the Company itself and all of its group companies. The HTS Group protects the personal information of the caller, and ensures confidentiality of the report, as well as prohibiting any disadvantageous treatment related to the issue, in order to protect whistleblowers.

Poster for dissemination of whistle-blowing system

To further improve internal awareness of "HTS Group In-company Compliance Reporting System", posters for dissemination were prepared in 20 languages and posted in each office.

  • All people working in the HTS Group (including senior employees, part-timers and dispatched employees) can whistle-blow.
  • Information that can identify a whistleblower will not be disclosed without advance consent.
  • The whistleblower will not be treated disadvantageously for whistleblowing.

Poster for dissemination of whistle-blowing system

Non-compliance with laws and regulations

In FY 2019, there were no incidents in which HTS violated or was penalized under laws or regulations regarding bribery or corrupt practices and competition.

Compliance Data

The following is compliance data including number of compliance training conducted, number of whistle-blowing reports and consultation, etc.

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