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Hitachi Transport System



Environmental Initiatives

At the HTS Group, we hold a variety of activities to ensure that we do all we can for the future of the earth and mankind. We are always looking to improve our level of environmental management, and as a group we are promoting environmental improvement activities through a variety of initiatives.

Environmental Protection Action Guidelines

The company has established the HTS Management Philosophy as part of our corporate philosophy, which outlines our efforts to address environmental issues within our business activities.

Environmental management structure

Since the establishment of a department dedicated to environmental issues in the head office in August 1992, the HTS Group has worked on reducing environmental load and is currently promoting group-wide activities toward the global "environment-conscious business operations."

Environmental Management Structure

Promotion of environmental management

At the HTS Group, we hold meetings involving management-level staff that are aimed at enforcing managerial guidance and a better understanding of environmental protection measures. We also actively conduct a training for environmental experts who carry out the environmental guidance.

Prevention of global warming

In our offices and distribution centers around the country, we are working on a variety of measures towards the prevention of global warming, including energy conservation, power-saving, and so on.

  • Power saving
  • "Green Wall" initiative etc.

Promotion of green logistics

We are pushing through an environmentally-friendly green logistics program, as well as promoting environmental protection measures.

  1. Promoting collaborative logistics
  2. Expanding Modal Shift in transportation
  3. Making the shift to eco-friendly vehicles and eco-friendly driving
  4. Building environmentally-friendly distribution centers
  5. Promotion of resource recycling