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Hitachi Transport System

Stakeholder Engagement

The HTS Group manages and maintains its business activities through interaction with our broad array of stakeholders including customers, shareholders, local communities, and local administrations. We provide various stakeholders with information and promote communication activities such as direct dialogue to deepen the understanding of the Group by stakeholders, and we also reflect their feedback and requests in our corporate activities to maintain and enhance trust relationships, with an aim to increase corporate value.

Responsible Dialogue with Stakeholders

StakeholdersPurposeCommunication channels/methodsNo. of conduct*1 or frequency
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Raise corporate brand value
Web seminars/briefings 17 times, 522 attendees
EC platform tours 468 visitors*2
Networking events using LOGISTEED CAFÉ 49 times, 42 companies attended*2
Participation in large-scale exhibition Annually
Customer survey As needed
Providing information on website As needed
Consultation support via website and phone Regularly
  • Enhance employee motivation
  • Create a workplace full of smiles and vibrance
  • Constantly maintain good employer-employee relationship
Presentation and commendation of excellent improvement cases (VC Award) Annually
Roundtable discussion with the management (dialogue session) 3 times
230 attendees in total
Setting up of intranet site for improvement assistance
Health and Safety Committee Monthly
Employee engagement survey
(domestic group companies)
Stress check for employees
(domestic group companies)
Setting up of health consultation service 24 hours
Providing health promotion information Monthly
Distribution of safety news Monthly
Providing information on health and safety using digital signage As needed at office
Publication of company newsletter Monthly
Development of an internal portal site As needed
Labor-management consultation 2 times/year
Setting up of whistleblower points of contact 24 hours
Business partners
  • Build good relationships with partners beyond the logistics domain
  • Maintain long-term, stable, and effective relationships with partner transport companies
EC platform tours 468 visitors*2
Networking events using LOGISTEED CAFÉ 49 times, 42 companies attended*2
Seminars for partner transport companies Semiannually in various locations*3
Commendation of partner transport companies When occurs
Setting up of inquiry contact for suppliers Regularly
Setting up of dedicated inquiry contact for existing suppliers Regularly
Providing information on website for socially responsible procurement As needed
  • Achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the medium-to-long term with active dialogue through fair and highly transparent information disclosure in a timely and appropriate manner
Individual interviews by executives (including overseas investors and ESG investment interviews) 17 times
IR seminars for individual investors Once
Results briefings 4 times
Small-scale meetings 3 times
Regular General Shareholders' Meeting Annually
Exercise of voting rights 93.78%*4
Business briefings As needed
Individual meetings with domestic institutional investors and analysts As needed
Individual meetings with overseas institutional investors and analysts As needed
Issuing of Integrated Report Annually
Issuing of business reports (shareholder newsletters) Annually
Providing information on website As needed
Local administration/
Industry associations
  • Share recognition of cross-sectoral issues related to logistics
  • Contribute to solving issues through collaboration and solidarity and realize sustainable logistics
Participation in committees/conferences/
As needed
Participation in economic associations/industry groups As needed
Local community
  • Contribute to sustainable lifestyles and society through support for logistics innovation, etc.
  • Raise awareness on social role of logistics toward the next generation
Individual dialogue with NGOs/NPOs 30 times
Support for holding sporting events/sports promotion As needed/
Establishment Track and Field Club
Dialogue with local governments 30 times
Participation in volunteer activities As needed
Participation in local events As needed
Taking on internships 13 persons
Holding traffic and road safety class As needed

*1:Counted as of March 31, 2021
*2:The number of visitors and companies is the total of customers and business partners.
*3:We refrained from holding seminars in FY2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
*4:Ratio of exercise of voting rights at the Regular General Shareholders' Meeting held on June 22, 2021.

Stakeholder Dialogue

"Future" of Governance toward the Next Growth Stage

"Future" of Governance toward the Next Growth Stage

Date: July, 2021
Place: The Head Office of the HTS Group (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

"History" and "Future" of the Evolution of Governance

"History" and "Future" of the Evolution of Governance

Date: July, 2020
Place: The Head Office of the HTS Group (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Toward Integration of Sustainability and Management

Toward integration of sustainability and management

Date: January, 2019
Place:The Head Office of the HTS Group (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

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