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Hitachi Transport System

Identity Verification Documents

When in the event the applicant requests notification on the Purpose of Utilization as described in Article 27, Item 2 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereafter, the "Act") ,or requests disclosure under Article 28 of the Act, or requests corrections under Article 29 of the Act, or suspension of use under Article 30 of the Act, documents to verify identity shall be submitted to prevent leakage of personal information.
If the applicant's representative requests such items, identity verification documents of both the applicant and his or her representative shall be submitted. The applicant's legal representative should request the above items if the applicant is aged 15 or younger. Please refer below for details on the documents required for identification.

1.Applicant Identification

Submission of one of the following documents that are valid is required. Please note that images and printed material through digital cameras and scanners are not acceptable copies of identification.

  • Copy of driver's license

    *Please attach a copy of the reverse side of the license after processing address change if you changed your address.

  • Copy of basic resident register card

    *Cards with face photo, name, birth date and current address (B-type).
    Please attach a copy of the reverse side if you changed your address within the same municipality.

  • Copy of my number card

    *A copy of only the "front side" with the name, date of birth, and address (current address) in the "face photo".

  • Copy of passport

    *Copies of both the face photo page and the owner's entry field page (such as name and address) are required.

  • Copy of annuity notes
  • Copy of Certificates for Health and Welfare
  • Copy of health insurance card

    *Please fill in your current address in the address section

  • A Copy of residence card or special permanent resident certificate (copy of both sides)

2.Identification of Representative

Submission of the corresponding documents below issued within the last 3 months is required:

  • Person who has parental authority (Article 818, Civil Law):
    Documents proving relationship with applicant such as copy or abstract of family register
  • Guardian of Adult (Articles 8 and 843, Civil Law):
    Certification for registered as guardian
  • Guardian of Minor (Articles 839 and 840, Civil Law):
    Certification for registered guardian
  • Voluntary representative (Note: applicant is required to be aged 16 or over):
    Letter of proxy (original copy) signed and sealed by applicant

3.In the case where the guardian of adult is a corporate body

Copy of corporate registration, abstract of corporate registration, certificate of all registered information or certificate of partial registered information must be submitted. (Note: the document is required to be issued within the last 3 months)