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Hitachi Transport System

June 15, 2022

HTS Begins Operation of Mining Machinery Service Parts Center
in Ami-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture
―Supporting Global Supply by Providing New Added Value―

Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.(HTS) is pleased to announce that in July 2022, the company will start operation at mining machinery service parts center for Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in Ami-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture.

The center is equipped with a total of 10 overhead cranes, and it is specialized for handling heavy mining machinery service parts. In addition to the receiving space, it also has a dedicated shipping space, which enables efficient shipping by sending products directly from the center to overseas.

By providing new added value, the HTS group will support the global supply of service parts, and will contribute to the expansion of our customers' businesses.

Overview of the Ami Ⅱ warehouse

Name Ami Ⅱ warehouse, Tsukuba Sales Office, Hitachi Transport System East Japan Co., Ltd.
Location 5-1, Yoshiwara 5-Chome, Ami-machi, Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture
Specifications Steel-framed structure (Single-story, above ground)
Site area/Warehouse area Approx. 68,000㎡ /Approx. 33,000㎡
Facilities Overhead crane 10: Dock leveler 4: High-rise palette racks
Operation company Hitachi Transport System East Japan Co., Ltd.
Exterior view

【Reference】related article:

・News release by Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
(Ami Parts Center, a base for mining machinery service parts, to begin operation)

The Group aims to become a global supply chain strategic partner with DX, Logistics Technology (LT), and “Gemba” Power by promoting measures to “reinforce and expand overseas business,” “expand business domains with new added value,” “evolve Smart Logistics,” and “solidify ESG management base.”

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