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Hitachi Transport System

June 8, 2022

Selected As One of “Digital Transformation Stocks (DX Stocks) 2022”
―Highly Recognized for Its Practical Application of SCDOS and SSCV,
and the Expansion through External Sales―

Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. was selected as "DX Stock 2022" in the joint program, "Digital Transformation Stock (DX Stocks)". It is selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, jointly with the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), and the Information Technology Promotion Agency, Japan. The DX Stocks is a program which selects TSE-listed companies for each industry that have established internal systems to promote DX leading to increased corporate value and are engaged in efforts for excellent digital utilization. A total of thirty-three companies were selected in 2022.

The Company was recognized for its efforts to reinforce the business by developing and operating DX solutions including SCDOS and SSCV, and expand business domains by adding new values to logistics as well as for its achievement to generate customer and social values by selling them to external parties.

About SCDOS (Supply Chain Design & Optimization Services)

SCDOS is supply chain DX to support supply chain optimization by centrally managing and visualizing supply chain data previously managed individually, such as inventory volume, transport cost, and CO2 emissions.

Reference: SCDOS general website (Japanese Language)

About SSCV (Smart & Safety Connected Vehicle)

SSCV is transport DX to solve issues faced by transporters using our know-how accumulated through the logistics business and digital technology. SSCV consists of 3 solutions: “SSCV-Smart” improves operational efficiency by offering cloud service for transport-related administrative work: “SSCV-Safety” prevents accidents using IoT technology and AI, and: “SSCV-Vehicle” offers a new fleet management service to improve efficiency of vehicle management.

Reference: SSCV general website (Japanese Language)

The Group aims to become a global supply chain strategic partner with DX, Logistics Technology (LT), and “Gemba” Power by promoting measures to “reinforce and expand overseas business,” “expand business domains with new added value,” “evolve Smart Logistics,” and “solidify ESG management base.”

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