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Hitachi Transport System

May 13, 2022

Hitachi Transport System Track & Field Club Cooperated
with Matsudo City’s Spring Youth Running Class

On April 30, Hitachi Transport System Track and Field Club (HTS T&F Club) participated as a coach to instruct a class titled “Spring Youth Running Class―Tips on how to run fast―,” organized by Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture. Since its founding, the HTS T&F Club has been based in Matsudo City, and we are engaged in activities with the city to build a team which is loved and supported by the local community trough cooperation with the community. Last October, we concluded a mutual collaboration agreement for regional development and contribution through athletics* with Matsudo City, and we will continue our initiative to revitalize the region through collaboration.

On the day of the class, while having fun together, the athletes and coaches taught about 100 elementary school students in Matsudo City the necessary preparations and tips for running fast. Our athletes were inspired by the attitude that children seriously try to run fast.

The Company will continue to contribute to the creation of a better society through communication with local communities and other diverse stakeholders.

*For more information on the agreement with Matsudo City, please see:

Photos of the event

Event details

Date April 30, 2022
Venue Athletic stadium, Matsudo City
Organizer Matsudo City Board of Education, Life-Long Learning Promotion Division, Youth Center

Hitachi Transport System Track & Field Club: (Japanese language)

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