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Hitachi Transport System

December 3, 2007

Business alliance with Senkon Logistics Co., Ltd.
and capital participation in the company

- Strengthening our operational capabilities by enhancement of transportation foundation in Tohoku region -

Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. (Hitachi Transport System) (President & Chief Executive Officer: Takao Suzuki), which offers a "System Logistics service" (3PL) to customers from a wide range of industries, in which it provides comprehensive logistics services for companies and establishes the logistics system most suitable for each company, has entered into a business alliance with Senkon Logistics Co., Ltd. (Senkon Logistics) (Representative: Haruo Kubota), which is developing logistics businesses centering on Tohoku region, and decided an investment in the company. We form the business alliance in domestic and international transportation, and Hitachi Transport System will acquire 500,000 shares, accounting for 8.8% of total shares, as a sum of 223,000 shares taken by allocation of new shares to a third party from Senkon Logistics and 277,000 shares acquired from treasury stocks.
Cooperating with domestic and foreign logistics companies, Hitachi Transport System is developing System Logistics service. This cooperation with Senkon Logistics will enable us to utilize Senkon Logistics's transportation networks in Tohoku region and mutual use of business sites. Working with the company, Hitachi Transport System will strengthen business operation to get new customers and to expand orders from existing customers.

1. Details of capital participation

(1) Taking third-party allocation of shares 223,000 shares
(2) Acquisition of Senkon Logistics's treasury stocks 277,000 shares
Total 500,000 shares

Hitachi Transport System's share holding ratio comes to 8.8% after this capital participation. (Before this agreement, we didn't have any shares.)

2. Schedule

December 3 Decision of Board of directors
(Business alliance agreement, Taking third-party allocation of shares, and Acquisition of treasury stocks)
December 18 (planned) Payment for shares
December 19 (planned) Submission of report on large shareholdings

3. (Reference) Company Profile of Senkon Logistics

(1) Company name Senkon Logistics Co., Ltd.
(2) Representative Haruo Kubota, Chairman and President
(3) Headquarters 672-1, Nakani, Shimoyouden, Natori-city, Miyagi
(4) Established October 1959
(5) Businesses Trucking business, Warehousing etc.
(6) Stock exchange JASDAQ (Code number: 9051)
(7) Capital 1,179 million yen
(8) Sales amount 12,631 million yen (Fiscal year ended March 2007)
(9) Ordinary income 76 million yen (Fiscal year ended March 2007)
(10) Total assets 13,290 million yen (Fiscal year ended March 2007)
(11) Number of employees 454 (As of March 2007)