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Hitachi Transport System

June 19, 2007

Start of construction of Kita-Kashiwa Distribution Center 2 (tentative name)

- Combining service sites in Kita-Kashiwa district and receiving of order for logistics operations from FANCL CORPORATION -

Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. (President & Chief Executive Officer: Takao Suzuki), which offers a "System Logistics service" to customers from a wide range of industries, in which it provides comprehensive logistics services for companies and establishes the logistics system most suitable for each company, announces the start of construction of Kita-Kashiwa Distribution Center 2(tentative name) in the existing Kita-Kashiwa service site in Kashiwa-city,Chiba prefecture.
This center is intended not only to improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs for the existing customers by combining our service sites dotted in Kita-Kashiwa district, but also to launch logistics operations for FANCL CORPORATION (C.E.O and Representative Director: Kazuyoshi Miyajima) which is dealing production and sales of cosmetics and health food.
Proposing the optimal logistics for customers' business strategy, we aim to respond to customers' needs. Outline of the distribution center and the order received is as follows.

Outline of Kita-Kashiwa Distribution Center 2 (tentative name)

Name Kita-Kashiwa Distribution Center 2 (tentative name), Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.
Address 506-1, Toyofuta, Kashiwa-city, Chiba
Bldg. spec Six-story, steel-reinforced concrete building (partly steel)
Ground-floor area Approx. 36,000square meters
Total floor area Approx. 36,000square meters
  • 3.5t cargo elevator x 3
  • 1.5t perpendicular conveyors x 5
  • Truck berth x 32
Start of construction July 2007
Operation schedule June 2008
Rendu Kita-Kashiwa Distribution Center 2

Outline of the order received from FANCL CORPORATION

Main products Cosmetics, health food and so on
Work contents
  • Transportation from factories of FANCL CORPORATION to the distribution center
  • Operation of distribution center
  • Transportation to centers of general merchandising stores
Object region All over Japan
Operation schedule June 2008