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Hitachi Transport System


The environment surrounding industry is changing greatly.
Here we introduce advanced solution services that solve issues currently faced by supply chains.


Shared automated warehouse for EC logistics

Automated and standardized operations by a most advanced warehouse is provided on a pay-per-use basis with no initial costs and no fixed costs.
We support overcoming issues faced by EC business operators and their business expansion with flexibility, automation, high quality, and variable costs.

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Supply Chain Design & Optimization Services

Visualization through a subscription-based IT platform, analysis by Hitachi Transport System management know-how, and simulation using tools with a track record in the field of logistics. Supply Chain Design & Optimization Services (SCDOS) provides by cloud services the know-how amassed in business for more than 1,200 companies and the solutions that capture the essence of issues.


Safety Operation Management Solution

Operations are managed in real time using IoT technologies, protecting drivers from accidents.
Individual drivers' health and driving status as well as operations information is obtained by IoT devices, and that data is consolidated in the cloud. By analyzing that data with AI, drivers and driving managers can be notified in a timely manner of changes in health and of dangerous driving. The safe operation management system also promotes safety instruction utilizing data.


Transportation Business Support Solution

By the power of technology, this digital platform service solves issues related to business efficiency, legal compliance, and sustainable management faced by transporters.


Asset management solution for rental and subscription service providers

"Recovice" provides a management system and logistics services required for rental and subscription business. The management system consists of WMS and ordering system, and enables to manage the goods not only in SKUs but also in pieces.
Together with our well experienced 3PL service, we can support optimizing your complicated operations.