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Hitachi Transport System


Facility information

A place going beyond logistics,
where we build the future together

  • Discovery
  • Encounters
  • Experiences
  • Participation
  • Creation


People with new vision
People with new technologies
People who break the status quo
New possibilities are created for business and society through encounters with people.


Seminars and events are held where you can find the latest logistics information and know-how that leads to business improvement.
You can also gain new insight through the website.


In order to feel the physical sense that logistics has, video experiences with an immersive feel in a 270º theatre is available and the latest solutions are exhibited.


Let us think about the future of logistics and society and discuss new projects.
New business where you and LOGISTEED intersect starts in an open and creative environment.


Discover knowledge. Create co-creation.
By superimposing "sharing and exploration" of knowledge and outlooks held by people in various industries, innovation going beyond the logistics domain accelerates.


Seminars that are venues for interactive learning and encounters, meet-ups, workshops where issues are discovered and ideas are created, and more are held in this co-creation space.

Theatre S

270º Theatre

Cutting-edge distribution centers, heavy transport, and other aspects of logistics can be experienced in a realistic manner in the 270º theatre's video space with a sense of presence.

Content example:

Distribution center virtual tour

Virtual tours of distribution centers in locations such as Kasukabe City, Saitama, can be viewed. Experience cutting-edge technologies for logistics automated at a high level.


Introduction to Hitachi Transport System

Learn about the history and business of Hitachi Transport System through an interactive display.

Project Room

These are venues for co-creation project meetings and discussions. Their walls are whiteboards, making them venues for creating ideas.

They can also be used as rooms dedicated to co-creation projects.

Floor Map

The design concept is to incorporate harmony between a logistics feel and nature.
By use of wood, it becomes a space with a soft feel while incorporating design elements with logistics motifs such as containers, concrete, and brick warehouse.

  • Location : 2-9-2, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • This is a facility for business partners. Visits to the facility are by reservation through Hitachi Transport System Group employees.
  • General visitors can participate in events that are open to the public.

See, Touch, Feel

The latest solutions that make up LOGISTEED, development solutions with co-creation partners, and more are exhibited.



Asset management solution


The co-creation partner list is here

Facility Partners
  • Itoki Corporation
  • A.T.Planning INC.
  • Open Stream, Inc.
  • Kamon Flowergate, Inc.
  • Color International
  • TANSEISHA Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Movie Co., Ltd.
  • .C Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi Systems Field Services, Ltd.
  • Hakuhodo Incorporated
  • Yamashita Sekkei Inc.
  • UNIADEX, Ltd.
  • Japan Computer Vision Corp.