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Hitachi Transport System

Basic Shareholder Return Policy and Trends of Dividend

Basic Shareholder Return Policy

 The company takes a medium and long term view for business development, using retained earnings to strengthen our corporate structure, while at the same time continuing to pay a stable dividend, and return profits to shareholders when they arise as our basic policy on profit distribution.
 In addition, the Company resolved not to pay an interim dividend with a record date of September 30, 2022; and a year-end dividend for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023. The resolution was made on the assumption that the Company' shares are planned to be delisted through the completion of the settlement of the tender offer for the Company's shares and stock acquisition rights by HTSK Co., Ltd. and a series of procedures scheduled thereafter.

Trends of Dividend

  Interim Year end Annual Dividend payout ratio
FY2021 28 28 56 34.7
FY2020 22 28 50 20.8
FY2019 21 22 43 22.2
FY2018 19 21 40 19.6
FY2017 18 18 36 19.2
FY2016 17 17 34 20.3
FY2015 15 15 30 23.9
FY2014 1414 28 23.6
FY2013 13 13 26 53.4
FY2012 13 12 25 25.0
FY2011 12 12 24 21.3

Trends of Dividend

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