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Hitachi Transport System

DX strategy

Basic Policy

Under the Mid-term Management Plan "LOGISTEED 2021" for the period from FY2019 through FY2021 (from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2022), the HTS Group aims and promotes initiatives to realize supply chain based on and originating from our logistics domain by using the platform built by digitalization of the Group and its collaborative innovation partners as a base of the sharing economy including the peer companies and accelerating more open collaborative innovation.

In order to enhance our new existence value and further increase corporate value by changing and evolving into a company represented by "LOGISTEED," we have formulated "DX Strategy - Toward the Realization of "LOGISTEED 2021."

Policy: Value Creation through Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Collaborative Innovation

We will collect various data in logistics sites (physical space) through the sensor network and systems, and these big data are analyzed or turned into knowledge in cyber space using AI, etc. We will provide these accumulated information and value to the logistics sites to further strengthen "Gemba" Power and vitalize open innovation with various collaborative innovation partners with an aim to create new businesses and business models.

Priority Measures

  • External DX that changes data to value through collaborative innovation
    • Supply Chain Design & Optimization Services (SCDOS) that centrally manage and visualize supply chain information supporting processes to solve issues
    • Smart Warehouse (SMH) that combines the automation/labor-saving expertise and digital technology and standardizes them for each industry
    • Service platform that helps transporters improve operational efficiency and achieve zero-accidents by making full use of IoT technology (SSCV: Smart & Safety Connected Vehicle)
  • Internal DX that improves operational efficiency and collects data
    • Digital business platform that collects internal operation data and customers' SCM data
    • Warehouse digital platform that standardizes internal warehouse operation for each customer's industry to optimize operation of multiple locations
    • Consolidation/integration of core systems to improve efficiency of the core business and enhance governance
    • Promotion of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as part of the VC21 activities (FY2021 Value Change & Creation) aimed at operational improvement through company-wide bottom-up initiatives
    • Establishment of a portal site with notification settings according to job title or department
  • Development of an organization and human resources to realize DX
    • Designation of the President and CEO, as Project Director and appointment of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in charge of promoting DX within the Company
    • Establishment of a DX human resource development system to improve digital literacy of all employees, develop on-site data analysts and reinforce DX execution divisions
    • Expansion of LOGISTEED services through collaborative innovation with customers and partners mainly using LOGISTEED CAFÉ
  • Enhancement of IT governance
  • Continuation of DX investments
  • Establishment of a PDCA cycle for DX by setting and managing KPIs

(Please see 'DX Strategy - Toward the Realization of "LOGISTEED 2021"' below for details.)

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