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Power Plant Cargos

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We take care of a wide range of equipment transportation for hydro, thermal, and nuclear power plants and substations, as well as for new-energy plants (biomass, solar thermal energy, snow-ice-cryogenic energy, geothermal power, wind power, solar power, etc).

Our typical consignments include boilers, nuclear reactors, turbines, generators, water turbines, transformers, breakers, and so on. Of course, we can be a one-stop partner for your project, handling all other related items and equipment together.

Each power plant presents a complex challenge due to its location, be it inland or on the coast. For this reason, it is vital to meticulously plan the entire process, using the best equipment and construction methods to ensure that the project is reliably carried out. Our experienced and professional team will use its wealth of experience and knowledge in the field, along with advanced techniques, to carry out the project all the way through to installation.

Power Plant Flow Chart

Case Studies of Heavy Haulage for Power Plant Projects

At Hitachi Transport System, through a combination of our proven track record, extensive experience, and state-of-the-art technical equipment, we are able to design optimal plans for each situation, and carry out safe and reliable work. The transportation of power plant equipment, which involves both ultra-huge items alongside delicate precision instruments that need careful handling, forms the basis of our current transportation expertise. Our professional team, with its assured engineering capabilities, has been successfully completing large scale projects, and overcoming all manner of extreme environments, since our foundation.

Transportation of Large-Scale Power Generation Equipment for North America

Transportation of Large-Scale Power Generation Equipment for North America

By building a private cargo unloading dock in the vicinity of the power plant, significant transportation savings were accomplished.

Transportation of Large-Scale Power Generation Equipment for Europe

Transportation of Large-Scale Power Generation Equipment for Europe

The first ever successful on-rail transportation of large-scale power generating equipment in Europe by a Japanese company.

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