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[Japan] Relocation of decommissioned submarine for exhibition

The decommissioned submarine "Akishio" is displayed as an outdoor exhibit at the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Kure Museum (in Kure City, Hiroshima). Our high level of expertise was extensively deployed for the ground transfer from the factory where the display renovation work was done, to the actual museum. With a total length of 76m, width of 10m, height of 19m, and a weight of 2,500 tonnes, this special, ultra-large cargo required safe, reliable, and efficient transportation and installation, which we duly provided.

Project Details

Key Points
  • We cut the overall costs by designing/deploying a frame that can be used for both cargo lifting and for the final display
  • By careful work planning based on our examination of local site conditions, this ultra-heavy, odd-shaped object could be safely and reliably transported and installed
  • Our professional team used special equipment, such as large cranes and special trailers, to ensure the work was carried out flawlessly

The submarine being lifted by a floating crane

The submarine being lifted by a floating crane

Starting with the safety aspect, and taking into account the work efficiency rate and total cost impact, we selected the optimal equipment and techniques. Our professional staff, using advanced technology, efficiently carried out the relocation work.

The submarine on display at the JMSDF Kure Museum

The submarine on display at the JMSDF Kure Museum

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