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Overseas Events and Trade Fairs

Overseas Events and Trade Fairs Main Visual
© Rikimaru Hotta Photo courtesy of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

When it comes to international transportation of equipment and displays related to various events and exhibitions, it is critical to achieve safety, efficiency, and reliability, within a short timeframe. Furthermore, given that there are no substitute parts readily available for these items, it is particularly important to provide special packaging, careful loading and onsite assembly, and also precise schedule management.

At the HTS Group, we offer a flexible, one-stop service of operations to meet your needs. Our experienced staff have expert knowledge in the field, and will assist you with the assembly and dismantling of equipment, as well as your import-export needs, both before and after the event.

Three Things to Know about Our Overseas Events and Trade Fairs Services



For concert tours by world-famous artists or overseas performances by renowned orchestras, the HTS Group can support the international transportation of concert equipment using its unique expertise. We have even developed our own collection of high-quality, fold-up style packing containers for the purpose.

Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

We offer total support for a wide range of exhibitions, including events such as motor shows. We take care of all the transportation, set-up and removal of equipment. Additionally, our experienced team will swiftly and smoothly take care of post-event complexities, such as carnets for customs clearance and re-exporting of the used equipment.

Other Events

Other Events

Astronomical observation experience tours, promotional events at embassies, transportation of artworks, fashion shows, etc. Our professional, highly-skilled team will take care of everything, carefully planning every step, from start to finish.

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Trunk Case One Trunk Case Two

Overview of "Trunk Cases"

A trunk case is made of materials such as FRP or duralumin, and is used for transporting items securely. We stock several sizes of trunk cases, available for rent, that are suitable for transporting various types of event equipment.

Compared with wooden boxes or cartons, trunk cases offer the following benefits:
1) Significantly less time required for packing, unpacking, and re-packing compared to wooden boxes
2) Since they are lighter than wooden boxes, air transportation costs are reduced
3) They are relatively air-tight and water-proof, helping to prevent rust or mold development
4) Compared to cartons, they are much more durable, usually lasting from three to five years. Moreover, they have less negative impact on the environment.

Taking into account the man-hours required, and the associated costs of assembling and disposing of wooden boxes each time, trunk cases are a great choice for repeated use during a certain time period. Please consider using them for your future transportation needs.

Some of Our Previous Projects

Project 1
© Rikimaru Hotta Photo courtesy of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

Project 2
AKIYOSHI ITO Art Exhibition

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