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Hitachi Transport System

Our Pride as a 3PL Pioneer

Our Pride as a 3PL Pioneer Main Visual

Hitachi Transport System started as a subsidiary unit of Hitachi, Ltd. in 1950, to handle its logistics operations. We cultivated a broad range of experience in logistics around production activities, including comprehensive consignment of all on-site work at factories. Capitalizing on our successful experience, we made a strategic decision long ago to expand our 3PL operations, taking in comprehensive outsourcing from our customers, such as developing logistics information systems and handling B2B logistics operations. We have been accumulating our abundant know-how since then, as we grow our business to a very broad range of industries.

Our business growth is the very reason why we actively invest in our infrastructure expansion globally. From our experience, we have learned we should not only be moving goods "from point to point," but rather be able to provide optimal solutions that benefit our customers' overall business with the "from point to area" capability. With a variety of our unique skills and technologies, such as information technology (IT), logistics technology (LT), and packing expertise, we have been supporting business expansions of a great number of customers by building advanced logistics systems.

Furthermore, we the HTS Group are also strengthening our freight forwarding capabilities. In addition to managing our 3PL operations in each market around the world, we are playing a diversified role for our customers by integrating international forwarding functions, as a strong solution provider for your global supply chains.

The "3PL" (3rd party logistics) and "SCM" (supply chain management) are receiving more and more attention as sources of your competitive advantages. Taking pride as a pioneer in the industry, we at the HTS Group are committed to continuing our pursuit of incremental value creation for our customers sincerely, with intense focus on safety, quality, and productivity.

Always Doing What Only Hitachi Transport System Can Do.

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