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[Japan] Operational optimization of domestic e-commerce center for apparel products

As we were starting up a new facility to handle our customer's e-commerce in addition to their conventional distribution, we thoroughly examined warehouse work procedures and proposed optimization of operations. We realized highly efficient management at an early stage.

Customer's Challenges


Partner selection for precise inventory control and order processing

The B2C e-commerce called for constructing an operation with reliable warehouse management and no shipping errors.


Support for start-up in a short time

To start up a new e-commerce logistics center, the customer only had about four months till the targeted starting date, so they were searching for a logistics partner who could handle the extremely tight schedule.


Improvement of inefficient warehouse work

Their shipments are of low-volume, high-mix involving many categories of their merchandise. Hence, more efficient picking operation for shipping orders was mandated.

How Hitachi Transport System Solved Them


Review of warehouse operation (1)

In order to maintain high quality with no errors in our shipping work, we designed and implemented a simple operation process which does not rely on the experience of the workers.


Review of warehouse operation (2)

With adoption of a multi-order picking method, we were able to shorten the workflow distance and reduce the number of touches in our shipment preparation process.


Implementation of optimal materials handling and other equipment

Because a large-scale materials handling machine required too long to be delivered, we designed our operation, doing away of fixed equipment installation as much as possible. Leveraging our know-how from many successful start-ups, we were able to meet the challenge of a tight preparation timeline with a solid plan.

Some More Facts about the Value We Deliver

We get a hold of on-site operational issues accurately by facing them together with our customers. We provide optimal solutions based on advanced expertise of warehouse management and work toward continuous quality improvement in cooperation with you.

Lean operation with all the waste cut out

Creating innovative ideas without being hindered by existing management methods or rules, we provide you with three values: 1) start up in a short timeframe, 2) operation with high cost performance (both initial and running), and 3) high-quality work.

Lean operation with all the waste cut out

In our pursuit of efficient operations, we even go creative with cardboard boxes.

Lean operation with all the waste cut out

An example of our innovative ideas - hand-made cardboard workbenches, incurring very small materials cost. We always try to create the most productive and efficient work environment.

Lean operation with all the waste cut out

To achieve work efficiency, we are using custom picking carts, made of steel or cardboard, that were designed specially by HTS Technical Center, our packaging expert.

Lean operation with all the waste cut out

With our traffic rules for picking carts in place, we can realize efficiency even when pressured by tight schedules.

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