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Hitachi Transport System

[Southeast Asia] Logistics Solutions in Indonesia

With our own warehouse operations and trucking network, we can deliver reliability and offer a variety of service options, to strongly support your logistics management in Indonesia.

Customer's Challenges


Operation quality

With the in/outbound operations not properly managed, our customer had to deal with quite a few stock discrepancies. There was also a concern about delivery vehicles' malfunctions.


Increase of logistics cost

It was hard for our customer to determine the proper cost level, because some local companies were increasing prices without clear explanations at times.


Inefficient deliveries

One-way trucking arrangement for long hauls used to harm the cost efficiency. Also, the delivery time tended to be long because only one driver was hired.

How Hitachi Transport System Solved Them


Staff training and systemization

Training is provided for new staff with support of Japanese expatriates. With the WMS, we can now control in/outbound and storage with high quality. We also make own deliveries in some routes , while continuously working on our trucking quality enhancement.


Understand the proper cost

Our customer can now understand the proper cost because we manage our operations on our own. We also help control unexplainable price increases and strengthen our cost competitiveness.


Delivery consolidation and 2-driver trucking

Thanks to consolidating deliveries with other customers as well as hiring two drivers for one delivery, we can optimize the cost efficiency and reduce the delivery time.

Some More Facts about the Value We Deliver

With our experience in and out of Japan, we can provide various logistics services to meet our client's requests.

Key Points

(1) Warehouse
  • : Located in Cikarang, Surabaya (Mojokerto), and Purwakarta. Open for 24 hours, supported by 3 shifts a day.
(2) Vehicle
  • : We provide delivery services by our own trucks and drivers in Java.
(3) Training
  • : Classroom trainings and hands-on practices are provided for new staff, with support of Japanese expatriates.
(4) System
  • : Our WMS (Warehouse Management System) can be customized to meet various demands and properly support our inbound/outbound/stock management. With GPS on all our trucks, we can accurately locate where they are.
(5) Quality Control
  • : We manage and visualize our productivity and cost. The supervision by our Quality Control (QC) staff enables the early problem detection and keeps our warehouse consistently clean.

Our Warehouse Overview

Our Warehouse Overview

Our Vehicles


・ Max load: 74.7m³
・ Max weight: 6t

Wing Boxes

・ Max load: 54.0m³
・ Max weight: 9.5t

Linehaul on Java island

Linehaul on Java island

Currently we operate linehaul from west Java to east Java. Please do not hesitate to contact us for other routes.

Acquisition of Bonded Warehouse (PLB) License in Indonesia

East Java Logistics Center has obtained Bonded Logistics Center (PLB) License. We are the first PLB license holder in Japanese companies at East Java, and would like to dedicate ourselves to import and export business for a wide range of manufacturing industries.

Merit for Import


●Inventory can be held in Indonesia as non-resident assets
●VMI※ is possible with no need to sell/procure through agents
●Only products shipped out from PLB are subject to taxation
●Be expected to make more efficient use of cash flow

※ VMI (Vender Managed Inventory): An inventory management system in which a supplier assumes responsibility for the timely replenishment of stock based on production/sales plan disclosed from customers. Customers can procure the necessary amount of raw materials/goods when necessary.

Merit for Export


●External warehousing of finished products (premade inventory) is possible, and more manufacturing spaces are available
●Export goods can be stored, and different customers' products can be delivered or consolidated together ●Be expected to make more efficient use of cash flow

Outline of the warehouse acquired PLB

Linehaul on Java island

Difference between PLB and conventional bonded warehouse

Linehaul on Java island

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