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[Global] Supporting business expansion and facility management for a consumer goods customer

This case underscores how our logistics can contribute to your business growth in the global market. We first approached the challenge with a logistics mapping consultation to best support this Japanese customer's expansion overseas. We are helping them to enhance their global SCM, integrating our price-competitive forwarding service in the business model.

Customer's Challenges


Global standardization of warehouse operation

Constructing a standardized logistics system was an urgent issue, in order for headquarters to retain its management function over their global supply chain as their business was rapidly spreading geographically across countries.


Selection of a global partner that can support business expansion

One of the most important criteria in the customer's selecting their logistics partner was whether the partner was able to quickly and flexibly keep up with their globalization.


Drawing strategy for lean logistics overseas

As they were entering new markets, they were looking for an optimal logistics strategy and a proposal for rationalization, including where to place distribution centers and how to enhance logistics efficiency.

How Hitachi Transport System Solved Them


Stable start-up of facilities overseas

After we standardized the management systems and implemented operational know-how across the area, we are currently providing high quality services in more than 10 countries. Constructing a management system in unity with the local area, we have built a close relationship as a global logistics partner at each level of the customer's organization in and out of Japan, through tight communication with our counterparts everywhere.


Smart logistics technologies utilized for strategic planning

Smart Logistics Configurator ® (SLC) calculates the best scenario from among a huge combination of warehouse placement options and floor design's parameters. We were able to propose an optimum plan with a quantitative basis and in a short time.


International transport with price competitiveness

We provide international transport at a competitive price, thanks to the strong procurement power of the HTS Group and our cost-cutting efforts such as round use of containers.
We also report our cost analysis to our customer on the web, for operational transparency.

Some More Facts about the Value We Deliver

With our extensive network in and out of Japan, we can provide solutions for you to cope with your global SCM challenges, building on our operational expertise as well as cutting-edge information technology (IT) and logistics technology (LT).

Visibility into quantity trends overseas, and our operations at competitive cost

At the HTS Group, we centralize and visualize logistics information with our proprietary global logistics information system, "Super HIGLOS," to support your global SCM. While we provide international transport with good cost efficiency, we also make continuous efforts toward rationalization and optimization of the management at each location, by extensively applying our know-how and engineering skills backed up by our abundant experience to date.

Expertise in warehouse mapping and its floor plans, to support your supply chain re-engineering

Expertise in warehouse mapping and its floor plans, to support your supply chain re-engineering

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