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Hitachi Transport System

Medical/Pharmaceutical Platform

We realize optimal inventory management and high efficiency operation, by arranging collaborative logistics schemes with our facilities that are capable of meeting your industry's requirement.

Customer's Challenges


Limited resource for your own operation management

It has become challenging to efficiently manage logistics operations, while trying to satisfy all requirements by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law, the GDP (Good Distribution Practice), and your own specifications.


Maintenance of know-how and work quality when outsourcing

Because medical products directly affect human lives, it is critical to have a logistics partner with plenty of operational experience and reliable service quality.


Fixed operation costs despite volume fluctuations

The ability to accommodate market changes while retaining high quality operations is also essential. Converting the fixed cost into variables is preferred in terms of its cost efficiency.

How Hitachi Transport System Solved Them


Operation at our logistics centers is compliant with your specific requirement

We can engage our logistics centers that comply with the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law and GDP (Good Distribution Practice), with thorough temperature control and lock-down control. We manage the operations to fit individual needs.


WMS development, customized for medical products logistics

Due to the high quality support demanded by medical products, we implement an operational system with scan inspection by service bar codes, etc., to eliminate shipping errors in our shipment handling. We can also mange the inventory per production lot number or expiry date of each product.


Multiple companies in the same industry can share logistics assets for storage or delivery

Our collaborative logistics can make your logistics cost fluid while reducing the environmental burden. You can leverage our standard logistics infrastructure, such as logistics centers, delivery networks, and information systems, developed specifically to handle medical and pharmaceutical products.

Some More Facts about the Value We Deliver

We have collaborative platforms of information systems, logistics centers, and delivery networks for several industries, facilitating collaborative storage or delivery for customers in the same industry. Our collaborative logistics bring value in streamlining your logistics costs and reducing the environmental burden.

Collaborative warehousing and delivery networks, dedicated to medical products

With recent logistics complexity, it has become more challenging for a single company to keep rationalizing the supply chain. Many medical and pharmaceutical products have similar requirements for logistics operation, such as storage and handling, and often share delivery destinations. That is why it makes sense that serving multiple medical industry customers with a collaborative platform sharing logistics bases and delivery vehicles. We can bring the benefits of cost performance improvement and environmental burden reduction.

Operation of shared bases and delivery networks for medical products

(1) Temperature control: Temperature settings to meet your specific needs, with the room temperature control (1 to 30 degrees Celsius) as a general prerequisite 
(2) Lock-down control: Psychotropic drugs and poisons are locked down and always monitored by the security cameras, etc.

High quality delivery networks of pharmaceutical products with dedicated vehicles or other own trucks

High quality delivery networks of pharmaceutical products with dedicated vehicles or other own trucks

We deliver consistently high quality across Japan, utilizing our medical platform centers situated in the East and West Japan, as well as our own medical products delivery network.

Efforts toward maintaining and improving stable work quality 

Efforts toward maintaining and improving stable work quality 

We conduct periodic employee training and contractor's training on the handling of medical products, in an effort to improve employees' skills and maintain a high quality of service.

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