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Hitachi Transport System

Kitting/Installation with Master PC

Main visual of installation with Master PC

By creating a master PC tailored to your specifications, we can reduce the workload on your staff in charge of your system management.

Learn More about Our Installation with Master PC

Learn More about Our Installation with Master PC

1. Determine requirements/specifications for Master PC

  • (1) Determine patterns of Master PC
  • (2) Confirm instructions of software to install
  • (3) Confirm details of Windows and other applications settings
  • (4) Create verification checklists
  • (5) Determine project timeline

2. Preparation of Master PC

  • (1) V/L Version Windows installation
  • (2) Software installation
  • (3) Driver related installation

3. Configuration of Master PC

  • (1) Windows settings
  • (2) Installed software settings

4. SYSPREP application

  • (1) Windows AIK installation
  • (2) Response file creation
  • (3) SYSPREP application

5. Verification of Master PC installation

  • (1) Test clone implementation
  • (2) Verification of each setting after SYSPREP
  • (3) Kitting takeover item creation

6. Cloning of Master PC

  • (1) Create a clone of Master PC for deployment

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