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Hitachi Transport System

CSR Management


CSR Management

At the HTS Group, we are all about treating people and nature with great respect. In this connection, our fundamental policy is to do our part to help create an affluent society through fair business practices, as we boost our value for all of our stakeholders. As a logistics partner of the Hitachi Group, we carry out our corporate activities in accordance with the framework of the Hitachi CSR Statement and Mission Statement.

"Hitachi Group CSR Statement and Mission"

We strive to realize a sustainable society by properly understanding global social and environmental expectations through communication with our various stakeholders and integrating those expectations into our management:
* In FY2017, Corporate Strategy Division and Global Business Planning Division joined.

  • CSR and environmental initiatives that contribute to solving social issues
  • Governance that realizes sustainable management
  • Communication that fosters mutual understanding with stakeholders

CSR Management Framework