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Hitachi Transport System


Questions about the Company

Q: When was the company set up?
A: The company was established in Feb 1950. It was founded (officially registered) in Aug 1959.

Q: Where is the head office?
A: It is located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Please refer to "Company Outline".

Q: What kind of group companies does Hitachi Transport System have ?
A: Please refer to "Group Companies".

Q: Do you have an overview of the company?
A: It is listed on the Company Outline page of our Corporate Profiles section. If you would like a hard copy (printed version), please contact our PR Department at our Corporate Strategy Headquarters.

Q: Can I receive a copy of the Environmental Report?
A: Although the Environmental Report is not available in booklet form, our Environmental Activities Report is available online within the Environmental Initiatives Section of our website.

Questions about the financial results

Q: When does the company's fiscal year end?
A: March 31st.

Q: What is the schedule for the announcement of financial results?
A: Financial results are announced as follows. 1Q : the end of July, 2Q : the end of October, 3Q : the end of January, Full year : the end of April.

Q: How can I get the information regarding financial results of Hitachi Transport System?
A: Please refer to materials in the IR Library of the Investor Relations ; "Summary of Financial Results", "Annual Reports". If you need them in booklet form, please contact Public Relations Department Corporate Strategy Office.

Q: How can I get the information regarding the trend of the financial results?
A: Please refer to "Financial Highlights" of the Investor Relations.

Q: Please tell me about Hitachi Transport System's Management Policy, the Future Vision and etc?
A: Please refer to "Message from President" and "Management Plan" of the Investor Relations.

Questions about the stock

Q: What is your company's stock ticker number?
A: It's 9086. The Security name is "Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.".

Q: On which stock exchange is the company's stock listed?
A: We are listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Q: When did you get listed on the stock exchange?
A: In January 1989, we are listed on Second Section. In September 1990, we are listed on First Section.

Q: How many shares are in one unit?
A: One unit (the minimum trading unit) is 100 shares.
(We changed the unit from 1,000 shares to 100 shares since January 1st, 2006.)

Q: How much is your current stock price?
A: Please refer to "Stock Information" of the Investor Relations.

Q: How much are the dividends?
A: Please refer to "Trend of Dividend" of the Investor Relations.

Q: When is your record date for paying shareholders dividends?
A: Final dividends are paid to the listed in March 31st, and interim dividends are paid to the listed September 30th.

Q: Do you have a shareholder special benefit plan?
A: Not at the moment.